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Peter Maher About the Awl & Needle

Many years ago, unable to find quality, well priced tack made with quality materials for his horses, Peter started upon a journey. Exchanging knowledge and skills in one trade for another, Peter began to learn the trade from a skilled local tack maker.

Through the years he expanded his repetoire and increased his skills. He met his wife Lisa, unable to locate a halter to fit her Appaloosa, by making a custom halter for her. Lisa learned the prep and finishing techniques and made endless keeper stock. She soon became intriqued by handsewing, and refined her skills. Peter and Lisa were now making beautiful, high quality, 100% handcrafted tack for their horses and for friends.

Lisa Maher With increased word of mouth, a demand for their product grew. Peter and Lisa officially started their company, the Awl and Needle, in 2000. Comitted to high quality product using uncompromised materials, every effort is made to maintain a personal touch and provide you with the best, from hand selected hides to the sourcing of the finest quality hardware.

Peter and Lisa build to last! A properly made, high quality piece of tack will imporve with age and last a lifetime.

Our family business evolved out of necessity, and has grown into a passion. From our workshop to your barn we offer quality handcrafted tack you can be proud of, and that your horse will look fabulous in!

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