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These leathers are crafted from genuine Sedgwick English Bridle Leather. Sedgwick of England produces strength and suppleness not found in other leathers. Leathers are cut in matching pairs from the same "butt" of leather specifically tanned for stirrup applications. The butt is uniform in thickness which avoids one area being thinner than another. You will note that each leather is stamped on the backside, below the buckle, ensuring that they are tracked as a matched pair during the fabrication process. Keeping the leather matched ensures even wear and longevity of your stirrup leathers. This is a quality not found in mass-produced tack.

To maintain strength and reliability, stainless steel buckles designed for stirrup leathers are sewn in with three rows of stitching. Oval shaped holes are used to avoid the stretching and strain experienced with round holes. As well, each hole is identified below by a numeric stamp so that you can keep track of your stirrup length. Finally, all edges are rounded, hand burnished and sealed.

Stirrup Leathers Stirrup Leathers


Black or havana genuine Sedgewick English Bridle Leather, especially crafted for stirrup leathers.

Stainless steel hardware.

Available in Child, Adult and Dressage lengths.
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