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Deer Fly and Horse Fly Trap
Create Your Own Deerfly/Horsefly Trap!!!

If your farm is close to, or on, swamp or wetlands, or you have a lot of underbrush, then you may suffer, as we do, from deerfly and horsefly attacks during the warm summer months! Not only are these blood thirsty kamikazes incredibly agitating to the horses, and potentially dangerous, they can make life utterly miserable! There are a number of ways to deal with these annoying bugs - chemicals and pesticides, however, are harmful and toxic not only to the environment, but to you and your animals. And they aren't really all that effective.

The best way to deal with bugs in a way that isn't harmful to you or your environment is to learn from their behaviour and use it against them - they are nothing if not incredibly predictable. They are visual hunters, attracted to movement, shiny surfaces, carbon dioxide, and warmth. This is the premise for the trap - they see the ball swaying in the breeze, giving off heat, and think its an animal. When they land and realize it isn't a source of blood, they always fly straight up toward the light, making their way through the funnel, and eventually dying in the heat of the clear jug. No bait or poison is necessary.

You can purchase kits to build these traps, or you can build your own! Click here to read more...
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